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June 2009

Keep Working, Keep Healthy

by Teresa ReillyJune 24, 2009

When I was but a naive, young thing still in acting school, I came down with a long-term, emotionally and physically exhausting illness.  One particularly difficult day, as I was on the verge of tears and really lamenting about how badly I was feeling, one of my very favorite teachers took me aside to impart […]

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ACTING 123 by Linda Stuart

by Linda StuartJune 19, 2009

ACTING 123 by LINDA STUART I learned from a top acting teacher that an aspiring actor must take a minimum of 3 actions per day, every day, to advance his or her career. It could be emailing 3 pictures and resumes. It could be making 3 cold calls. It could be setting up 3 auditions. […]

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Headshot Extravaganza Part 3: How to Make the Most of Your Shoot!

by Teresa ReillyJune 17, 2009

Congratulations!  You’ve figured out what kind of headshots you want, you’ve you’re your research, you’ve found your killer photographer, and now…all you have to do is actually shoot the darned things.  The irony of the situation is, of course, we get our pictures taken all day long.  We have digital cameras, camera phones, video cameras, […]

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