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Tony Jones

Hair color: black
Eye color: hazel
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 170

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Zombie Croc Crocodile Jack American Eyesore Films
Zombie Isle Prof. Grant Foster American Eyesore Films
Night of the Living Dead:Genesis Cameron Murphy V2 Productions
Vengeance is a .44 Magnum Milo American Eyesore Films
To Have and To Hold Guard Mission City Productions
Fur the Movie Nudist/ extra Picturehouse
Flesh of the Living Zombie American Eyesore Films
Treats Werewolf Burnt at Both Ends Productions
The Disciple Stephan Image Plus Productions
Safe Return Anthony Loomis Red Headed League
3 Way Split Zeke Red Headed League
Hooked Dr. Nimoy RPG Films
The Magenta Shamrock Body double Jon Shavitz
Eye Protection Electrician Coastal Productions
Office Safety Background Dupont

Ntelos Commercial Loser Party Guest The Park Group
Catch My Killer # 101 Husband M2 Productions
Wicked Attractions Bar Patron M2 Productions
Wicked Attractions #503 Lie detector man M2 Productions
Happily Never After #103 Captain M2 Productions
New Detectives Principle/ Det. Fee New Dominion Pictures
Daring Capers feature/ Paulino New Dominion Pictures
Daring Capers extra/ victim#3 New Dominion Pictures
FBI Files extra/ klansman#8 New Dominion Pictures
FBI Files principle/ agent Brezing New Dominion Pictures
FBI Files extra/ victim finder New Dominion Pictures
Dr. Madblood Comic Dealer Harrell Productions
Psychic Witness Searcher #2 New Dominion Pictures
Liberty Tax Brad O' Bryan Advertising
CBN Commercial Bar Patron CBN Productions

Voice Over
While Reason Sleeps Dr. Grinwald Lions Den Productions

Disrobed 3 Live art model Gallery 5
Art and drawing classes Figure Model Studio of Fine Art
Drawing group Figure Model Charles H. Taylor Ctr
Drawing Group Figure Model Jaffe Art Center
Art Classes Figure Model Hermitage Foundation
Art group Figure Model Art Links
Antibody Warriors Photo Model Bob Worthy
Duorama Photo Model Bob Worthy/ Chryl Bosch
Philly Promo Card Headshot Charles Swift
Experimental nudes Model Creative Focus

On Camera Intensive Eva DeVirgillis
Line Learning Lab Foley Marra Casting
Acting Workshop Spencer Group/ Sean Dogherty
Art Model Workshop Ghent Studio of Fine Art / Jim Jones
Acting Workshop Atlantic Model And Talent/ Chris Taylor
Acting workshop Talent Connection / Chris Taylor

Special Skills
Groucho Marx impersonator, Comic book afficinado, AANR member. Bike riding, camping.
I work construction so am able to use many different tools

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