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Randy Sterns
SAG eligible
Voice mail: (702) 582-5184

Hair color: auburn
Eye color: green
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 100

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THREE BARBECUES (feature) co-star (Melissa) Stupid Johnny (Nominated for Best Actress, BMFF)
TWEAKER WITH AN AXE (feature) co-star (Nanette) Synchronium Films
CORNHOLE: THE MOVIE (feature) co-star (Marla) Clarke/Kent Pictures, Timothy Clarke, Dir.
WRITER'S DAY (feature) co-star (Sandy) Faultline Films, Anthony Verge, Dir.
VERMIS (feature) co-star (Sharon) Lechago Productions
PHANTOM PAIN (feature) co-star (Kira) Bianca Meunier, Dir.
JOINERS (short) co-star (Erin) Elastic Future, Erin Gilley, Dir.
HOW DO YOU LIKE THE WAR? (short) co-star (Woman 1) Elastic Future, Randy Sterns, Dir.
APRIL (short) co-star (April) Dazzle Entertainment
SECOND DATE (short) co-star (Fem Fetale) Michael Kelly, Dir.
LONELINESS (short) co-star (Jo) Elaine Mello, Dir.
EXISTENTIAL RENDEVOUS (short) co-star (Kimi) Chase Gordon, Dir.
NAIL POLISH (feature) featured (Concerned Girl) Pigdog Films (Best 35mm Feature Film, LIIFF)
THE TIME WE KILLED (feature) featured (TV Heroine) Jennifer Reeves, Dir. (Nominated for an ISA 2005)
EXPLODING OEDIPUS (feature) featured (Chloe) Marc Laffia, Dir.

BEAUTIFUL Victoria Space 180, Elastic Future - Erin Gilley
THE GREEK PLAY Clytemnestra Root Division, Elastic Future - Evren Odcikin
ASSORTED FLAVORS Cecily, Gwendolyn Dragon Productions - Jane Geesman
PRIDE AND PREJUDICE Caroline Bingley Easy Street Theatre Company - Becky Wilding
LADIES AND GENTELMAN... Nora The Exit, Iron Workers Local 202 - Lisa Gillio
LOOSE KNIT Liz The Pheonix, Hairpin Productions - Jane Barrett
RUNS WITH SCISSORS Lilith The Marsh, Liz White & Co. - Bayla Travis
THE REGULAR SHOW wroted and acted The Exit/S.F Fringe Festival - Jane Barrett
LOVE SONGS FOR REGAN BABIES Evie Theatre Rhino Studio, erinys pro. - Zanne Gerard
PSYCHOBABBLE Harvey The Punchline - Andrea Devuax
THE SNOW QUEEN Gerda 450 Geary - Sara Coor
SO TELL ME ABOUT THIS GUY Angie Mason Street Theatre - Elaine Mello
ANNE FRANK Anne Bethel Stage - Libby Portnoy
CHILDREN OF A LESSER GOD Lydia Stow Players - Jean Stark

UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY OF KIM DEAL Band Kelly Amnesia, Elastic Future - Erin Gilley
FLUFFY KITTY Katie, Little Jimmy The Marsh, Liz White & Co. - Jane Ainbinder
OFFICE POLITICS Linda Venue 9, Liz White & Co. - Alex Baker
THE SOUND OF MUSIC Marta Firestone Theater, Akron, OH - Andrea Fair
BYE BYE BIRDIE Penelope-Ann Firestone Theater Akron, OH - Andrea Fair
WEST SIDE STORY Francisca Weathervane Playhouse, Akron, OH

Music Videos
Va Va VOOM - Fans Of Jimmy Century Frenchie MTV - Jetset Sound - Producer: Randy Sterns
HOT SAHARA - Fans Of Jimmy Century Mean Girl MTV -Jetset Sound - Director/Producer Randy Stetns
BLONDE AMBITION - Fans Of Jimmy Century Abby Asinthe Jetset Sound

INTRO TO PEDIATRIC REIKI Interviewer Amy Barilla Creations

STAR TREK Bajoran Paramount Global Entertainment
TITANIC Guide Paramount Entertainment Division
LEVI'S Customer Swirl
MURDER MYSTERY F&B Manager Keith and Margo's
SPORTS ILLUSTRATED Spokesperson Penny Clymer and Company
NIKE Spokesperson Penny Clymer and Company

Commercials and Industrials
*Reel available upon request

Training and Education
Scene Study/Monologue Kathryn Keats Conti, Mark Monroe Studios
Cold Read, Improv Meredith Hagadorn
On Camera/Film Rick Pagano, Rick Milikin
Three Camera On-set Experience Mark Monroe
Musical Theatre Mark Monroe at Mark Monroe Studios, Weathervane Playhouse
Improv Jim Cranna, BATS
Stunts/Combat for Film and Stage John Ficarra, Combat Inc.
Voice Kate Rowland, Sharon Pucci
Dance Connie Dow
B.F.A. in Painting Art Academy of Cincinnati

Special Skills
Dialects (Irish, French, Italian, Russian, German, Various British,
American: Various Southern, Valley, Surfer, NY Jewish and other
NY/NJ, various New England, and Bostonian), Languages (some
Italian, Spanish, German, French, Hebrew and American Sign),
Singing: F Below Middle C to High F, (Former Female Lead Singer of the
80's cover Band MOST EXCELLENT, other styles including Opera,
Musical, Jazz, Rock, Blues, Folk, Heavy Metal, Pop, R&B,
Alternative), Dance (Modern, Jazz, Folk), Swordplay, Hand to
Hand Combat (Have Performed Own Stunts), Knowledge of Latex
and Liquid Latex Application and Other Special Effects Make-up,
Accomplished Painter and Sculptor, Flute, Write Own Poetry,
Athletics (Bicycling, Yoga, Pilates, Free Weights, Soccer, Football,
Baseball, Volleyball, Swimming, Racquetball, also Billiards,
Bowling, Darts, and Archery), Computer skills, Great With Kids
and Animals, Double Jointed, Can Drive a Standard Automobile.

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