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Rulie Noyola
SAG eligible
Voice mail: 315-246-7331

Eye color: brown
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 165

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Film and Television
Walgreens Secondary role
Our Brand is Crisis Police officer David Gordon Green Dir.
Los Reyes Del Barrio B-Man (Principle) Angel Janer
The Art Of Seduciton (student film) Valentino Sarah Sellman
I could be with anyone (music video) Boyfriend Sherng-Lee Huang
The Killing Machines Sno (Jones gang) Vampire Productions
La Estatua (The Statue) Lead (The Lover) Galo Cabrera director
Pitching Taino Co-star (feature film) Anthony Segarra director
Saikido (Japanese music video) Electric Boogie Dancer Kitao Sakurai, Dir.
Between the lions Dancer PBS
Ma Femme Me Quitte Soldier Didier Kaminka
Street Spirit (student film) Lead (vagabond) NY Film Academy
Notorius (music video) Hip Hop Dancer Max Lee, Dir.

Support our Troops Principal On the Leesh Productions,
Colon Cancer Principal On the Leesh Productions,
Breast Dancer On the Leesh Productions,
Hungry Nation Rice and Beans Next New Networks
Weiden Kennedy Featured Spike Lee, Dir.
Anti-Smoking Campaign Featured Department of Health
Sprite Principal Eight Ball Filma
Eli Lilly Sean v.o. Eli Lilly

Playmobiles Improv Comedy (Spanish) Above Kleptomania
Echo Park MC Mo Blind (misfit rapper) Apollo Theater
Tony & Tina's Wedding Michael Just (Tina's ex) El San Juan Hotel

Sprite Lead Leo Burnett-Howard Schwartz studios
Levantate (Spanish) Lead Sal-Soul (Latin radio)
Raices Radikales (CD) cantante RAP / Spanish Musical Productions
Demolition (CD) cantante Merengue / house Fonovisa

Acting Weist Barron
Stand Up Comedy The Improv
Hip Hop, Modern Jazz Broadway Dance Center - Frank Hatchett
Improvisation techniques The Laugh Factory NYC
Independant Actors Guild Acting

Special Skills
Licensed Massage Therapist,Fitness Instructor, Song and Jingle
writer, Latin and Hip Hop dance, Fluent Spanish, Physical Comedy

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