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Stephan Parker
Voice mail pager: 4256383220

Hair color: brown
Eye color: hazel
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 190

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audio reel

Commercials and Industrials
Filmmaker’s Journey/Web Ad Supporting Actor ITVS

Voice Over
Sound Café Episodes I - 22 Intro VO MixCloud (Dir. DJ Veaux)

Step 2: Acting with Text Stefan Enriquez, Freehold Theatre, Seattle, WA
Step 1: Intro to Acting Meg McLynn, Freehold Theatre, Seattle, WA
Auditioning for the Camera Jodie Rothfield Casting, Seattle, WA
Voice Over (Private Instruction) Veronica Wikel, Seattle, WA
Voice Over Workshop Veronica Wikel, Seattle, WA
Acting Workshop Valerie Mamches, Seattle, WA

Special Skills
Cello proficient (performed w/ Sammamish
Symphony), basic piano and guitar, previous
vocal/singing training/experience in choir,
Pool (league), Bowling (league), Golf, Ping
Pong, Snowboarding, Tennis, Basketball, various
team sports over years, served in US Marine
Corps, basic weapons/combat training,
experience with military weaponry, handguns,
shotguns, rifles, auto/manual car, street/dirt
motorcycle, previous experience/licensing with
warehouse vehicles (i.e. forklift), Computer
Programming, IT/People Management, Video Gaming
(console/mmo), Juggling

English fluency, Spanish semi-fluent, some basics
of multiple languages, British accent, Hispanic

Finalist, Voice of the Ocean, The Voice/Princess

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