TRC006: Courtney Gains (Back to the Future, Children of the Corn) Talks About His Career, Child Acting, Music, and More

This week I speak with Courtney Gains who got his start in the 80’s with such classic films as Children of the Corn and Back to the Future. We talk about Courtney’s thoughts on child acting, how he’s been able to continue to work after several decades in the business, and how he continues to book work to this day.


TRC005: Leaving Your Day Job To Pursue Acting With Gunner Wright

This week I speak with my friend and actor, Gunner Wright. I had the opportunity to work with Gunner a few years ago on my feature film, The Pinch, which we talk about briefly as well as many of his other credits in video games, voice over work, and a variety of feature films. Gunner begin his adult life working in the motorcycle industry and quickly figured out how to leverage that experience into acting gigs.

TRC004: Building An Acting Career Far From Hollywood With Jared Bankens

In this episode I talk with actor Jared Bankens about his career and how he’s been able to land roles in a variety of projects all while living in Louisiana. He works throughout the South East and offers a variety of tips to actors who don’t live in Hollywood.


TRC003: The Human Centipede to Lifetime Movies With Ashlynn Yennie

In this episode of the podcast I talk with Ashlynn Yennie about the early part of her career, moving to New York City, getting cast in The Human Centipede, and how she’s been able to maintain a career as a leading lady in a variety of female driven thrillers.


TRC002: Building on a Big Break With George of the Jungle 2’s Christopher Showerman

In this episode I talk with Christopher Showerman about his big break getting cast in George of the Jungle 2, and how he’s been able to maintain his career decades later. We also talk about some of Christopher’s recent projects and he gives us the details about how exactly he got cast in some of those shows.


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We’ve created a Facebook page for TheRightCast. If you use Facebook please check it out and join. Right now we’re still building it out but within the next couple of weeks we’ll be publishing all our casting notices on it so it will be an easy way to find auditions. In the meantime we’ll be publishing all our great acting tips to it.