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Team YOU: Build Up Your Support System

by Teresa ReillyApril 22, 2009

“Do you have an agent?” Possibly the most popular question ever posed to an actor, second only to “What have we seen you in?”  (Or, my mother’s favorite, “When do I get to see a copy of that student spec commercial for diapers you shot in December in Oxnard so I can send it to […]

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Networking like a Star!

by Teresa ReillyApril 1, 2009

When people talk about Hollywood, they often widen their eyes and say, “Well, it’s all about who you know.  You know?”  And  that is, actually, completely true.  The very first day I started my theatrical training, the school’s director, a well-respected and successful actress in her own right, sat all of us first year students […]

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