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Finding Acting Work

Networking like a Star!

by Teresa ReillyApril 1, 2009

When people talk about Hollywood, they often widen their eyes and say, “Well, it’s all about who you know.  You know?”  And  that is, actually, completely true.  The very first day I started my theatrical training, the school’s director, a well-respected and successful actress in her own right, sat all of us first year students […]

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Getting Acting Gigs By Sneaking In The Backdoor

by Noah ApplebaumMarch 23, 2009

So you’ve moved to L.A. and now it’s time to implement phase two of the plan: get discovered by some chance occurrence while serving a big time director his or her organic fruit smoothee with all natural granola at your unavoidable “day job.”  Simple, right?  My advice to you: put down the apron and pick […]

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