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May 2009

Headshot Extravaganza: How to Find the Best Photographer (part II)

by Teresa ReillyMay 20, 2009

I am so excited to explore Part Two of the Headshot Extravaganza!  To set the record straight, I am NOT a headshot-loving actor.  I get antsy when I’m taking new headshots.  I feel insecure.  I smile weird.  My eye twitches.  All in all, I am very unappealling.  Luckily, I found a fantastic photographer who I […]

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Headshot Extravaganza: Why You Need Fantastic Headshots!

by Teresa ReillyMay 13, 2009

Well, folks, it’s been quite a day.  A long, exhausting, anxious, finicky, neurotic day.  To be more specific…Headshot Day.  The day I’ve been putting off for three whole years.  (When I got my last headshots taken.)  I finally got my new headshots taken, and now that Headshot Day has passed, and all I have to […]

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Just Tank One

by Noah ApplebaumMay 11, 2009

Just Tank One. Congratulations- you’ve come all this way and you finally have a few auditions. It’s a scary process to have worked so hard to get past one obstacle only to find yourself staring into the jaws of an entirely different beast. This one is bigger, meaner, and more direct. When we set ourselves […]

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