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Shh! The Secret to Being Happy and Rocking Your Auditions

by Teresa ReillyJuly 29, 2009

The moment has come.  Are you ready?  I’m going to tell you the super secret key to rocking all your auditions.  Yes, that’s right. I’m going to divulge with all you wonderful actors at The Right Cast the secret, singularly perfect way to do yourself proud in that casting room.  Okay.  Here it comes…

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Just Tank One

by Noah ApplebaumMay 11, 2009

Just Tank One. Congratulations- you’ve come all this way and you finally have a few auditions. It’s a scary process to have worked so hard to get past one obstacle only to find yourself staring into the jaws of an entirely different beast. This one is bigger, meaner, and more direct. When we set ourselves […]

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9 Tips For Audition Success

by Jeremy GladenMarch 6, 2009

Perhaps you’ve already mastered a technique and you get every part you audition for or at least a call back or perhaps you keep wondering why you never get a phone call after the first attempt.  There are many ways to approach an audition, but no matter what the role, always be yourself.  Never lose […]

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