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Noah Applebaum

Just Tank One

by Noah ApplebaumMay 11, 2009

Just Tank One. Congratulations- you’ve come all this way and you finally have a few auditions. It’s a scary process to have worked so hard to get past one obstacle only to find yourself staring into the jaws of an entirely different beast. This one is bigger, meaner, and more direct. When we set ourselves […]

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Don’t Wait On Los Angeles

by Noah ApplebaumMarch 30, 2009

Irony. We’ve saved our pennies working our degrading jobs, packed our lives into our cars and set out on a great adventure to Los Angeles to pursue that dream of working in entertainment. We unload all of our belongings into a friend’s cheap apartment and crash on a couch until we get our feet set […]

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Getting Acting Gigs By Sneaking In The Backdoor

by Noah ApplebaumMarch 23, 2009

So you’ve moved to L.A. and now it’s time to implement phase two of the plan: get discovered by some chance occurrence while serving a big time director his or her organic fruit smoothee with all natural granola at your unavoidable “day job.”  Simple, right?  My advice to you: put down the apron and pick […]

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