Month: July 2009

Shh! The Secret to Being Happy and Rocking Your Auditions

The moment has come.  Are you ready?  I’m going to tell you the super secret key to rocking all your auditions.  Yes, that’s right. I’m going to divulge with all you wonderful actors at The Right Cast the secret, singularly perfect way to do yourself proud in that casting room.  Okay.  Here it comes… Read More

TheRightCast is now on Facebook

We’ve created a Facebook page for TheRightCast. If you use Facebook please check it out and join. Right now we’re still building it out but within the next couple of weeks we’ll be publishing all our casting notices on it so it will be an easy way to find auditions. In the meantime we’ll be publishing all our great acting tips to it.

Make Your Own Work, Be Your Own Producer

I am the youngest of three children, all of whom have made their careers in the entertainment business, and our shared childhood is pretty indicative of the choices we’ve subsequently made as professional performers.  My sister, the oldest, directed my brother and I in every version of “Cinderella” she could brainstorm and film on my mother’s old camcorder, including “Cinderella: The Musical,” “Cinderella: The One-Woman Old-Time Vaudeville Revue,” “Cinderella: The Claymation Tragedy,” and, last but not least, “Cinderella: The Stop-Motion Melodrama Starring Barbie.”  My brother wrote and performed all the music.  I was lights, props, costumer, and, when I was allowed to act, diva extraordinaire.  (I liked to keep my sister on her toes with my obnoxious yet witty ad-libs.)  Challenging and ridiculous as the process was, Do-It-Yourself  filmmaking (as well as DIY theater production, DIY neighborhood newspapers, and DIY cover performances of Barbra Streisand’s “Hello Dolly!” done entirely on roller-skates) taught me an invaluable lesson: DO IT YOURSELF.  In between community theater projects?  School’s out for the summer and no creative outlet?  No one casting in your cul-de-sac?  Make your own! Read More

Fund Your Career with the Actors Fund

A few months ago, I was on a spec commercial set, bemoaning my lack of work.  No, not the acting kind (although, I frequently bemoan the lack of that, too).  I was complaining about the absence of rent-paying jobs.  That’s right, folks, the vital and often annoying Survival Job.  The classic joke is that every waiter in New York and Los Angeles is actually a broke actor (a joke I find to be used in a rather crass way.  Hey, buddy, that broke actor is serving you your dinner in order to support his/her artistic pursuit!  Very noble, if you ask moi.)  The good news about acquiring Survival Jobs to support the oft-expensive acting habit that we’re all addicted to: you get to work in various interesting job markets and develop all kinds of cool skill sets!  (Not only do I know how to market annual subscriptions for a suburban theater company, I also know the technical terminology of candle-making, how to mark up and sell high-end men’s suits, and how to flyer three city blocks at a time with membership coupons for the local gym.)  The bad news: you have to look for a Survival Job almost as much as you have to look for the ultimately important Acting Job.
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